Michael Burcea, IT.

Michael Burcea
Information Systems Technician.

You wouldn’t think that working behind the scenes in IT would have such an impact on the services we provide, but knowing that it does makes coming to work every day that much more exciting.

I work in the IT department at the WWLHIN fixing computer problems for LHIN staff, both in the offices, primary care and at hospital sites. It’s nice to know that my job has a direct impact on the patients we serve in Waterloo Wellington.

I once supported the implementation of the X-Ray software when we were setting up an Orthopedic Assessment Clinic at Cambridge Memorial Hospital. The software needed to be installed before the clinic went live and it was truly a collaborative effort amongst our IS team the Hospital Records Team, and the software developers.

The successful implementation of this software meant that the staff at the clinic could now view the x-ray images directly over a network without having to ask patients to bring their X-Rays with them to each session. This meant faster, and better patient care in the end. This made me feel like I was really making a difference.

I was drawn to work in the public sector out of a sense of working to help others and when a job opportunity opened up at the WWLHIN I jumped at the opportunity to join the organization.

Working in IT means I am able to put patients first by making sure our staff can work with them quickly and efficiently with the latest tools available. It also helps that I’m inspired by the passion and expertise of my WWLHIN colleagues who work tirelessly every day to provide excellent patient care across the health system.



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