“Behind the people who make health possible”

Relentless Determination

Every day, thousands of people work behind the scenes across Waterloo Wellington  with the ultimate goal of making it easy for you to be healthy, and to get the care and support you need.

These nurses, doctors, therapists, personal support workers, business professionals, and many others are passionately dedicated to maintaining and improving your health.

By working closely with community partners like police services, municipalities, school boards, businesses, and associations, they aim to make our vision of Healthy People, Thriving Communities, and Bright Futures come to life.

Who are these people and what drives them to devote their life to your health?  

FACES of the Waterloo Wellington LHIN brings you closer to the people behind your health system – Learn about their motivations, their experiences and perhaps even more about your own health journey.

Check back weekly for new stories behind the people who make health possible.

For more information on the Waterloo Wellington LHIN visit our website at http://www.waterloowellingtonlhin.on.ca/.

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