Julie Ross

Julie Ross
Human Resources Business Partner

I started in health care fresh out of school. There wasn’t anything particular that drew me to health care – there was a great opportunity to work here at the LHIN. But now, I can say that I plan to work in health care for the rest of my life.

It’s really important for me to work for an organization that’s doing meaningful work. That’s what we do here. It’s a privilege to work for an organization that’s making a positive impact every single day. Every person who works here is contributing to the care, health and well being of our local residents. We have an incredible mission. It makes it easy to enjoy the work I do.

I’m passionate about the work I do in human resources. I actually started as a receptionist but went back to school to move into HR because I love people. It’s important to me to help our employees reach their goals. Happy employees are effective employees. They’ll give better care.

The people we interview for positions here at the LHIN, no matter what role or what sector, have all interacted with the health care system in their personal lives. They all want to make a difference and improve the system for others. No matter what area they’re in, they all share this goal.

The philosophy of putting patients first is incorporated into everything we do – right from the get go. We start by making sure we hire people who share the values of our organization and believe in our vision and mission. They have to be empathetic and patient-centred in their approach to delivering care. When new employees go through orientation, they hear from patients and caregivers who share the good, the bad and the ugly of the patient experience.

Not that long ago, I got to visit The Sanctuary Health Centre for Refugees. I was involved in hiring the people who work at that centre. Visiting the centre brought it all to life for me. When you’re hiring, you can focus on the number of people you need to bring on board and the job descriptions, but seeing the clients and hearing their stories put a human perspective on the process. It’s wonderful when you get to see the caring, intelligent and compassionate people who are delivering those services.

I have a deep respect for the health professionals who work here. They work hard and really care. Health care has its share of challenges, but it’s easy to stay positive because I’m surrounded by good people who are dedicated to doing their best. It’s wonderful to see the improvements and positive changes being made.


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