Procurement and Contract Management Team

Procurement and Contract Management

The WWLHIN Contracts and Accountability team has a new name starting Monday, October 1, 2018. The “Procurement and Contract Management Team” is a team that provides support and guidance to all WWLHIN teams to procure goods and services, develop contracts, maintain, manage, and monitor contracts, and report on the performance of health system service providers. The word “Team” is really important for everyone involved, as each member of the Procurement and Contract Management team brings a different set of skills and passion for the job but has the same goal – make it easier for patients to be healthy and get the care and support they need.

Read below to find out why each team member chose a job in healthcare and what inspires them to come to work each and every day.

Brittany Proud, Procurement Specialist

Getting into healthcare for me was both a choice and an accident. Going through school I was drawn to the public sector, mainly because I think that in one way or another, the public sector is aimed at helping people and the community. When I graduated, I landed my first job in healthcare and the rest is history.

I think the people I work with are what inspires me to come to work every day. I truly believe the people you work with make the difference, and I’ve seen first-hand in past jobs, how a negative work environment can have a significant impact on a person’s ability and motivation to work effectively. Working at the LHIN I am amazed by efforts to go above and beyond expectations, striving to improve patient experience.

Carrie Wry, Quality Analyst
Choosing health care was a happy accident for sure!  I started on the accounting track in high school, landed in the hospital where my nurse was someone who used to babysit me as a child and, after chatting with her about how she likes her job, I thought “nursing looks like more fun than business”.  From there I became an RPN working in acute palliative rehab and complex continuing care settings until moving to community care fifteen years ago where I was fortunate to experience nursing, supervisory and managerial roles.  I joined the CCAC almost 8 years ago in the newly formed position of Contracts Quality Analyst.

The patients are what inspires me to come to work every day. I feel my part of the work puzzle helps to ensure our Patients receive the quality of care they deserve.

Jessica Laurin, Procurement Specialist
I have a unique position here at the LHIN and every day is a constant reminder that I made the right choice in coming here. My first job was at the Tim Horton’s in St. Mary’s Hospital where I was first exposed to healthcare.  When I began my studies in supply chain management it became clear that while my program was geared towards careers in the automotive manufacturing industry I wanted to apply my knowledge and skills in an industry where I could see the benefits impacting the final customer.  I shared this passion and desire with my professors and was lucky enough to have been recommended for this amazing opportunity.

I’m continuously inspired by the creativity and innovation that drives this organization at every level.  With each interaction and conversation, I am constantly reminded of the common goal to improve the patient experience.  It’s easy to be inspired by an organization that believes in continuous improvement.  That belief is reflected not only in the initiatives that are brought forward but in the day to day culture.

Sherissa Carruthers, Program Assistant
I ended up working for the CCAC as a happy accident.  I started here with a temp agency in 2006 and was hired as a permanent full-time employee into the position I do now in 2007.  Prior to my temp position here I didn’t even know these services existed.

Even though we are not considered “front-line” and don’t deal directly with the patients I feel as though what our team does directly impacts the front-line staff, and by association, the patients.  I have always been somewhat of a “helper”, I like to help where I can when people are in need and this position allows me to feel that accomplishment.

Tiffany Britten, Manager, Contract Management
For me, ending up in healthcare was a happy accident. Prior to joining the WWLHIN, I spent many years working in investments in the private sector. I was brought in temporarily to assist with the project coordination for the LHIN-CCAC transition and was given the fantastic opportunity to stay as the Manager, Contract Management.

I really enjoy the people that I get to work with as well as the variety of work that comes across my desk each day. I am fortunate to be able to interact with great people across the organization and at our provider organizations. I also enjoy the fact that I have an opportunity to help shape the healthcare that my loved ones receive in the community where we live.



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