Phyllis Welsh

Phyllis Welsh
Team Assistant for the Care Coordinators at Cambridge Memorial Hospital

I started working with what was then called Home Care more than 25 years ago. There’s been so much change over the years. There’s always lots of change with health care. You just have to learn to adapt.

I really enjoy working in the hospital setting. I’ve been here for 20 years! It’s a very fast paced environment. Between the hustle and bustle of the hospital and keeping up with our Case Coordinators, before you know it, the day is gone. But that keeps it interesting and I feel like I’m part of a large team here at the hospital.

Being at a satellite office for the LHIN, it can be challenging to stay connected. Of course, I have my team here at the hospital, and if I ever need help or information, I can easily reach out to my colleagues in the Cambridge office. I’m still also connected to the intake team as well as the people I worked with years ago.

I really enjoy my job and the work I do. I also really enjoy the people I work with every day. I can’t imagine not coming in to work. Seeing how we help people by putting in service they really need gives me such a great feeling. Patients spend less time in the hospital before they’re discharged, and they may feel anxious about going home. Our services give them confidence that they will be taken care of. I know I play a role in following through and sending out offers to get those services in place.

I have a passion and I’m proud that we offer all these services to people when they’re ready to go home. I like that they know they’ll be taken care of. I’m also happy that it’s helped me make a difference in the lives of the people around me.

When my neighbour, who was in her 80s broke her ankle, she was taking a cab to get physiotherapy every day. It was a real challenge for her. She was having trouble with her mobility and she was hard of hearing. I guided her to get connected to receive physiotherapy and PSW care at home. When she was well enough to come off of our services, I helped her arrange for private care to come in and help. Without my experience here, I would not have known how to help her and provide direction. I like knowing I can help people, even when they aren’t our clients.

When I started working 25 years ago, with Homecare, I knew very little about health care, but I’ve developed a passion over the years. I see how we’re helping people in need. How we’re helping people stay in their own homes. As I get older, I’m glad to know that their services will be available to me, if I need it.

Note: Phyllis Welch is happily enjoying her retirement. 

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