Kelsee Lawrence

Program Assistant, Project Management and Process Improvement Team

When I was growing up, no one in my family was involved in health care. So when I started to learn about it, I was interested. I love that it’s never the same. It’s always changing. It’s always evolving.

I started working at the WWLHIN as a placement student in college. I liked that I could see I could help make a difference. I got to work with care coordinators, patients and their families. I got to know them and hear their stories. The role I have now is very different, but I know we’re still making an impact.

Now I’m working on the team that’s looking at how we can make things better. I’ve had the chance to see the impact of the process improvements we’ve made and are still making. Since the transition to the new WWLHIN, there are even more inventive projects on the go. I love seeing the creative ideas people bring to the table to make improvements on how care is delivered. I really appreciate that there’s an emphasis on listening to frontline staff and patients.

Depending on how I’m involved with a project, I get a real sense of how it will help and what impact it will have. Our projects are about making things better in the community. It’s so interesting to hear the ideas for how to improve things. I really like that I get to see a lot of those ideas play out.

I had never been on the other side of heath care as a patient or a family member of a patient until last fall, when my grandmother fell and broke her hip. I knew the process for someone in hospital and how they get discharged. In my mind, I followed it along step by step, but then I learned that unexpected things could happen. These processes are the kind of thing we look at on the project management & process improvement team. Now that I’ve lived it, it makes more sense to me.

I don’t know what I’m going to do in my career, but I appreciate how the WWLHIN is very supportive of our career goals. The directors and managers I’ve worked for have all encouraged me to get involved and help me to take on more responsibility. It’s given me great behind the scenes experience.

I’m really motivated by how different it is every single day. Each day has a new meaning and you learn new things. I’m enjoying being surrounded by innovative and creative people who are helping shape how health care is delivered. I find it all so interesting. It really makes me want to come to work.




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