Deborah Daniel

Manager of Quality and Performance Improvement

I knew I wanted to work in the health care system from the time I was a student. I became a Dental Hygienist first, and I still practice two Saturdays a month to keep me grounded and connected to patient care as well as what is happening in the private sector. As my career progressed, I have found becoming a project manager has allowed me to work in different areas in health care, and has given me the opportunity to apply my experience from the different sectors I’ve worked in.

I strongly believe in our health care system and the benefits of having access to care. I like being able to support people to do their jobs even when I’m not the person providing the frontline care. I’ve learned that sometimes it’s the smallest things that can make an impact on someone’s day-to-day work, which in turn really helps our patients.

At Grand River Hospital, we’re working on a few different improvement projects through Improvement Huddles. One situation we came across seemed small, but it was really having an impact on staff. There was a locked office that staff needed to access. The key would go missing, which meant staff had to spend time trying to find it. By installing key card access, we are helping staff save time so they can focus on their work and patient care.

We are also doing a lot of work in collaboration with the Service Provider Organizations to look for ways to improve our six clinics across the WWLHIN. We’re looking at how we can make the clinic environment better for staff and to ensure a good patient experience. One initiative we are actively working on is the creation and implementation of a clinic patient survey. Our current patient survey includes only community patients; however, our clinics make up about 30% of our volumes. We want our clinic patients to have a voice, and this is an opportunity to get their feedback and make improvements based on what we hear.

I like that my job involves making changes that will benefit patients and staff. I like when we can find ways to help frontline staff – if it makes their jobs easier, it means they can stay focused on helping patients.




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