Blair Philippi

Blair Philippi
Manager of performance

My job is to work closely with our hospitals, long-term care homes and community agencies in primary care and mental health and addictions to fund and improve the services our residents rely on. I feel a tremendous honour and responsibility to look at all the investments we make, which adds up to over a billion dollars, to see what can we do differently.

There’s a lot of work to do. We can get that work done by looking at partnerships and working closely together.

I see so many great opportunities. I know that if we do things differently, we can use our precious resources smartly and build a system that’s not just designed for people who are healthy. We can have a system that can properly serve people who are vulnerable and frail, with preventative supports that can help keep people out of hospital or from becoming institutionalized too early.

Now that the Waterloo Wellington LHIN is fully integrated we can be more deliberate in listening directly to patients. New mechanisms, like the Patient and Family advisory Committee, allow us to engage with patients and people who receive services. Our clients and our frontline staff give us tremendous insight into some of the needs in the community.

I spent my career working with seniors when I worked in long-term care homes. My job is still very focused on seniors as well as mental health and addictions needs in our community. Over the years, I’ve learned that we need to take the time to listen and learn about what people need before we can take action to make things happen.

What we do here is incredibly satisfying work. We get immediate feedback on how we’re doing. It’s great to expand services, but there is also so much opportunity to look at how we can use what we have more efficiently.

I love working in health care, and I love working with seniors. Being at the WWLHIN right now is so exciting. We have a stronger, bigger team. We have the opportunity to use all the experienced, smart people who work here to help meet the needs of those who are vulnerable and complex and still build in prevention and promotion.










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