Amber French

Amber French
Team assistant for the community

As a team assistant for community care, part of my role is supporting our care coordinators, working with our service providers, scheduling assessments and reassessments with patients, as well as triaging and taking calls when the care coordinators aren’t available. Even though I don’t get to have that face-to-face interaction, I do build relationships with the clients we get to help.

I always wanted to be in health care some way, some how to support the community. I enjoy helping people – even if it’s just having a conversation with them on the phone. Some people just want to talk so I’m happy to listen to their concerns or help them with their questions.

Sometimes patients or their families want to speak to a live person and be heard. Some of our clients can be in situations where they don’t feel they’re heard. There can be so much going on and they may not have anyone to talk to.

So I listen and relate to them as best as I can. I can tell them the next steps, even if I can’t help them complete the next steps. At the end of the call, they are satisfied and thankful that someone was there to listen to their concerns and talk them through some things.

It feels good that I did just a little bit to help that person.

Once, I received a call from a daughter who was very unhappy with how her visits were being scheduled. She was so upset and angry, she had trouble explaining what she needed. There wasn’t anything I could say that would make her feel better. I let her vent. Eventually, she was open to hearing my suggestions for next steps. By the end of the call, she was grateful for my assistance. There was so much going on, and she had no idea how to deal with it.

You never know what a patient or family member is going through. They may not have any idea where to find answers. They may be only one person doing all the work. I try to put myself in their shoes to understand what they’re going through. If I were in that situation, I would hope to have the same.

Right now, I’m in a new role working with 2 care coordinators on The Force team looking at process improvement in creating capacity for staff through eliminating wasteful activities and non-value added processes. It’s great to have the frontline staff involved in this project. We get a lot of suggestions coming from staff, so it’s great to see what we can put into action to make things more patient-focused.

Our population is getting bigger. There will always be continuous improvement and the need to adapt to support staff and the community at the same time. I’m looking forward to bringing what I learn back to my team.

I work with great people who inspire and motivate me every day. My care coordinators are a great group of people. I’m always happy to support them. I’m willing to go above and beyond for them. I enjoy speaking with the clients out there and hearing their stories. I want our patients and family members to feel heard and respected and to have that sense of community and support. Just knowing I did a little to help support people within the community, doing my part means a lot to me.






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