Thusany Puvanendran

Thusany Puvanendran

Manager, IHSP, ABP Development & Outreach Health System Design

I see everything that happens within the organization. It’s awesome because I see how the different departments intersect with each other even when people who work in those areas don’t realize how their work impacts others.

It is a privilege to see that no one role is small here. The frontline team members see patients every day. They are able to do their jobs because there’s a whole team behind the scenes taking care of the nuts and bolts.

Working in the CEO’s office has also opened my eyes to see how well we work together, not only within the WWLHIN, how we partner with other key organizations in the community. I see all the time how hard everyone works to brainstorm for solutions to overcome the common issues that impact health.

We get a lot of email from patients – with both good and constructive feedback. It all matters, it all helps us to improve and to work hard to put patients first.

I started my education in neuroscience and cognitive development. I worked one summer with an organization that helped seniors through a variety of services like Meals on Wheels, friendly visitors and foot care clinics. When I went out in the community to meet these senior residents, I realized that I was the only person they talked to all week. I saw the impact I made with a 15-minute visit. I wanted to see how I could use my education to make things better, and that’s how I ended up moving to a degree in population health. I can see how my degree is useful in the work I do here every day.

I think it’s great that we’re working with other community members who are trying to solve the same problems by taking a community-based approach.

I enjoy working in the health care sector. Health care is the foundation for everything, and it touches everyone, no matter their education or economic status. I’m so inspired by the people I work with. They are all so passionate about their work. It’s not an 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. job for anyone. They’re all willing to work around the clock if it means that a patient will receive the care they deserve, at the time they need it, and in the way they need it.



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