Simon Akinsulie

Simon Akinsulie
Director of Patient Services

As a newcomer to the WWLHIN, I’m so impressed by how dedicated everyone is. People really care about patients and their families. They’ll go over and above to do a great job for them.

In all our discussions, we focus on what’s best for the patient. We try to walk in their shoes. We ask ourselves what we would want if we were in their position. You honestly don’t see that everywhere. The fact that we have that here is really special. You see it at every level of the organization.

In our management team meetings, we started making plans to use our lunch breaks to deliver meals on wheels. The entire team loved the idea of being able to work and help the community. It’s because they are excited by the idea of connecting with the community even more. That’s service-driven leadership. People love the community and love working here. It sets a tone for everything. People genuinely care about doing a great job.

We have the opportunity to care for people in a personal way. We’re going into their homes to care for them. You recognize that there’s so much more to a person than just what you see in the moment, so much more than their sickness. They’re people. They have so much going on in their lives. You have to take time to respect that.

Before coming to the WWLHIN, I worked in long-term care. I remember meeting a patient who had been a jazz musician. She had traveled the world performing. She was more than the dementia and disease that kept her from getting out of her chair. When we played a jazz album, you could see her brighten up. It’s more than she just likes jazz. She used to do that as part of her life. She had this tremendous history. It’s so important to remember that everybody has a history.

What I love about health care is that we get to make a difference in people’s lives. We’re helping people at the most difficult points in their lives. Everybody will have to access health care at some point in their lives. When you’re that person who needs help, it makes a huge difference to receive care from people who are kind and nice to you. It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to do that for others.

I love coming to work. There are so many great things we get to do in the community. It’s really exciting. Now that the LHIN and the Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) are together, the people on the frontline have the opportunity to influence the planning side by making recommendations that will foster changes in the community and the system. That’s really powerful.

As a new person, it’s impressive to see how much everyone cares. Talking to everyone here from the CEO, VP Home and Community Care and through the entire organization, the consistency of how much people care is inspiring.



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