Chris Alappat

Chris Alappat
Project Manager – Patient Services

We are a privileged lot. People allow us access to the most intimate and relevant aspects of their lives. They put their trust in us to help them on the road to recovery and full community integration. I am always cognizant of that, and it guides my work on a daily basis. It gives me a sense of purpose and satisfaction to know that I am part of the solution to improving the quality of their lives.

In my role as a project manager, I work with different partners – hospitals and organizations like the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), who are all doing their best to ensure patient care is delivered as best as possible. We share the same goals to remove barriers to access, get rid of the waste, and reduce the processes and bureaucracies that slow things down.

What I really like about being part of the LHIN is that we have a larger reach and can have a more significant impact on the entire system. I can see how the larger initiatives will have positive implications for access to care and quality of care.

Sometimes when you’re right at the front line and so invested in the day to day, it can be hard to step back and see the systemic enablers and barriers even though you’re always mindful of them. Now in my new role, I get to influence that process. I can directly see how the changes we’re making will have a positive impact on patients and families. We can make our system more effective.

The Physiotherapy Care Centre is a great example. We know that the number of people who require hip and knee replacements is going up. A pilot program was set up in Cambridge where, in addition to in-home visits, patients could go to a clinic setting to get their physiotherapy. This approach enabled them to integrate back into the community by re-engaging with services outside the home.

They had access to equipment and peer support that couldn’t be provided in their home. The results from the pilot program demonstrated that patients had better outcomes while reducing cost per treatment. As a result of this proof of concept the WWLHIN has collaborated with CarePartners to introduce a Physiotherapy Care Centre to better serve the total joint replacement population in Kitchener Waterloo.

No healthcare system is perfect, and every industry has regulations, budgets, and constraints that impact the success of projects. What I’ve observed in my short time here is that the WWLHIN and our partner organizations are constantly looking at creative and innovative solutions to make it easier for patients to be healthy and to get the care that they need.





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